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Friday, January 4, 2019

Spirituality Is Enlightening

Spirituality enlivens an individual. Spirituality is especially important when one has an autoimmune disease, such as myasthenia gravis, which the doctors say there is no cure. If one has to deal with an autoimmune disease for the rest of one’s life and cope with its many symptoms.To be diagnosed with an autoimmune disease is a devastating experience that may require the help of spiritual wisdom to cope with the fear and the stress.

Your whole being is composed of the physical, the mental, and the spiritual. Your body, which is the physical, is controlled by your mind, which is the mental, which is controlled by your soul, which is the spiritual, which oversees your whole being. The well-being of any one of these elements affects the well-being of the others.

First of all, your body has to be well before you can engage in any mental and spiritual matters. Jesus attested to this when He said that fasting (the physical) and praying (the mental) prepares you for your spiritual walk with God. So everything begins with the body, then the mind, and finally leading to the soul. Even Buddha and Mohammed and many other spiritual leaders all shared the need of the physical and the mental for higher spiritual advancement.

Spirituality oversees your whole being. Nothing transforms you as much as changing from a mundane to a spiritual attitude towards all your everyday problems.

Your Creator has created you to be a steward of all your assets. With a healthy body, you can discard your anxieties and fears out of your consciousness, and then concentrate your mind on the spiritual, which will provide answers to your daily problems. Once you learn to relax and prioritize your goals in life, a vista of the purposes of your life will be unfolded to you.

A purposeful life is a way to being younger and healthier for longer: you need to know the meaning of your existence. You live in order to fulfill the purpose for which you were born to do the will of your Creator.

Of course, you may not really know the purpose of your creation, or the will of God. Nobody does—at least not consciously with the mind. However, you need not know: just let yourself be guided step by step, one step at a time, by following your spiritual guidance or simply obeying your highest ideals in life. That is spirituality! It is the way by which you find meaning, comfort, hope, and inner peace in your life.

Basically, man is spiritual in that he needs a belief system of some sort to guide or mange his emotions in an effective way (self-efficacy). Your emotions – which may adversely affect your immune system – determine how you feel about yourself and life in general. Your emotions are not only a result of your social interactions, but also of your yearning for spirituality. Searching for a philosophy of life that makes you happy and healthy is already the beginning of spirituality.

Being spiritual, however, is not the same as being religious, which involves following the creed of a proclaimed religion, though on the higher levels of consciousness true religion and spiritually ultimately merge.. 

Spirituality may change the way you look at your myasthenia gravis.

Stephen Lau     
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