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Sunday, September 16, 2018

Natural Treatments of Myasthenia Gravis Symptoms

Myasthenia gravis is an autoimmune disease characterized by weakness of muscles in the body, in particular, the eye muscles. One of the main causes of the disease is a dysfunctional immune system, and stress is a major contributing factor. Stress is an enemy of autoimmune diseases. Chronic stress can cause your body to maintain physiological reactions for long periods of time, and these reactions can damage different parts of your organs and tissues, including your immune system. In addition, stress can lead to depletion of vital nutrients in your body, particularly DHEA (a hormone critical to aging and longevity), vitamin C, and the B-complex vitamins. Therefore, it is important to stress proof your body, and sleep is the best anti-stressor for your body and mind.

There is no known cure according to conventional Western medicine. However, its symptoms can be controlled, not necessarily by steroid medications with their undesirable side effects, but by total relaxation of the body and the mind. Relaxation is the most natural state of being. To maintain this state, you need natural herbs, not man-made pharmaceutical drugs.

Herbal medicine is the most widespread of all forms of medicine. Aromatherapy is one form of natural medicine, which makes use of essential oils from plants. Essential oils, with concentrated substances obtained from plants, have efficacious medicinal values. It is based on the concept of smell, which affects not only your emotions but also your moods, and therefore conducive to natural physical and mental health through total relaxation. Aromatherapy has a long history and tradition: the Arabs were the first to use essential oils to promote health and wellness through body and mind relaxation.

To maintain the efficacy of essential oils, do not use oils consecutively for several days. Also, do not inhale too much at one time: more is not necessarily better, because the olfactory center of your brain may become overwhelmed, causing headaches or even nausea.

A good way to use essential oils is to place a few drops on the surface of the bath water just before bathing. Another way of application is to dilute it into a base vegetable oil before applying to the skin in massage.

To optimize the use of essential oils, also build up your body's stress-proof reserves by getting adequate sleep. You can create a bedtime ritual for yourself. Parents often give their sleep-resistant children a routine ritual. This strategy can also apply to grown-ups. Do not get into the habit of watching TV to make you doze off. Once the habit is formed, you may find it difficult to sleep without the TV. Do not rely on medications to make you sleep.

Try using essential oils to manage and control your myasthenia gravis symptoms. You feel much relaxed, and there is nothing to lose but everything to gain in terms of your physical and mental wellness.

Learn How to Use Essential Oils: Get everything you need to know about aromatherapy, including making your own recipes for natural healing of the body and the mind through total relaxation.

Stephen Lau

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Thursday, September 13, 2018

My Newly Published Book on HUMAN WISDOM

The TAO of Living for Life

This book is about the art of living well, which is being in the material world we are all living in, but without being of this mundane world. This daunting and challenging task requires profound human wisdom, which comes from TAO wisdom, the ancient wisdom from Lao Tzu, the ancient sage from China, more than 2,600 years ago.

Lao Tzu was the author of the immortal classic Tao Te Ching, made up of 81 short chapters of Chinese poetry on human wisdom, one of the most translated books in world literature.

This book explains the essentials of TAO wisdom, based on Stephen Lau's own translation and interpretation of Lao Tzu's immortal classic Tao Te Ching with his comments after each of the 81 chapters. Living for life is the wisdom of living in this contemporary age. It is not easy, so you need TAO wisdom.

For more information, click here.

The TAO of Living for Life shows you the wisdom of living not just for yourself, but also for others as well --  just as the famous English poet John Donne says: "No man is an island."  Once you perceive this intricate inter-connection between people, you will self-intuit the wisdom of Lao Tzu.  After all, according to Lao Tzu, there is no word or blueprint for human wisdom -- it is all about self-intuition.

Stephen Lau

Monday, September 10, 2018

An Alternative Approach to Autoimmune Diseases

An Alternative Approach to Autoimmune Diseases

An autoimmune disease is due to a dysfunctional immune system that attacks its own cells, mistaking them for foreign invaders. For example, an autoantibody attack on the receptor responsible for the communication between the nervous system and voluntary muscles triggers the onset of myasthenia gravis, which is one of the many autoimmune diseases. One of the hallmark characteristics of myasthenia gravis is muscle weakness, which results from the miscommunication of the nervous system and voluntary muscles.

Any autoimmune disease is problematic in that its cause is relatively unknown. In general, there are multiple causes of autoimmune diseases.

Environmental agents can trigger the onset or deterioration of an autoimmune disease.

Another important factor in the causes of autoimmune diseases is the genetic factor.

Lifestyle and diet may also initiate an attack or worsen existing conditions. For example, insufficient vitamin D from the sun may be implicated in the disease; however, too much ultraviolet from the sun may not be beneficial to the immune system. A diet rich in gluten, which is a protein, may cause inflammation in the small intestine, resulting in pain, and thus blocking the absorption of nutrients.

According to conventional medicine, there is no cure an autoimmune disease because it is caused by not just one factor but a combination of several factors. Due to the complexity of the disease, it is important to have a holistic approach to treating the autoimmune diseases. Using medications alone is an inadequate approach to autoimmune diseases. 

A holistic approach means an alternative approach to disease. In the past two decades, many people have sought alternative medicine after they have exhausted all treatments of conventional medicine with respect to autoimmune diseases. Thousands of research studies on plant nutrients and herbs, and vitamins and minerals performed in university laboratories and clinical settings have attested to the effectiveness of alternative and complementary medicine. 

To cure any autoimmune disease you may have, you must empower yourself with knowledge and information before you can embark on a holistic and alternative approach to your health and wellness. Do not just think out of the box; create your own box. 

Your Golden Years and Santa Claus shows you how to cope with your health issues, especially in your golden years.

Stephen Lau
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Thursday, September 6, 2018

A Holistic Approach to Autoimmune Diseases

Holistic Approach to Autoimmune Diseases

An autoimmune disease is caused by a dysfunctional immune system that attacks its own cells, mistaking them for foreign invaders. To illustrate, myasthenia gravis, which is one of the many autoimmune diseases. Is due to an autoantibody attack on the receptor responsible for the communication between the nervous system and voluntary muscles. Its dysfunction leads to muscle weakness, resulting in drooping eyelids, which is the hallmark of myasthenia gravis. The miscommunication of the nervous system and voluntary muscles may also cause difficulty in swallowing.

Any autoimmune disease is problematic in that its cause is relatively unknown. In general, there are multiple causes of autoimmune diseases: the genetic factor; the toxic environmental agents leading to the deterioration of the immune system; the unhealthy lifestyle, such as smoking and drinking; and even a diet rich in gluten, which is a protein, causing inflammation in the small intestine, resulting in pain, and thus blocking the absorption of nutrients.

Because of its multiple causes, an autoimmune disease is incurable according to Western medicine. Due to the complexity of the disease, it is important to have a holistic approach to treating the autoimmune diseases. Using medications alone is an inadequate approach to autoimmune diseases. 

A holistic approach means an alternative approach to disease. In the past two decades, many people have sought alternative medicine after they have exhausted all treatments of conventional medicine with respect to autoimmune diseases. Thousands of research studies on plant nutrients and herbs, and vitamins and minerals performed in university laboratories and clinical settings have attested to the efficacy of alternative and complementary medicine. 

To cure any autoimmune disease you may have to empower yourself with knowledge and information before you can embark on a holistic approach to your autoimmune disease, if you unfortunately have been inflicted with one.

Stephen Lau 
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Monday, September 3, 2018

Understanding Your Immune System

An autoimmune disease is a result of breakdown or malfunction of the immune system. There are more than one hundred immune system disorders. Modern medicine is unable to explain or specifically identify the causes of autoimmune diseases. Despite the advancement of modern science and technology, frustration and disappointment are part of modern medicine in the area of autoimmunity.

Autoimmune disorders are becoming more rampant. By and large, women are more vulnerable to them than men are. Men have a higher incidence of mellitus diabetes and myocarditis than women; other than those, women are 3 to 6 times more prone to autoimmune diseases than men. Are you at risk?

It is important to understand how and why you may have an autoimmune disease.

First and foremost, you must have an understanding of your immune system in layman's term. Your immune system is made up of four parts, and each part has its unique function. The human immune system is very complex -- a testament to the ingenuity and mystery of human creation -- in that it involves the whole human body, not just certain body organs and tissues. Its basic function is to warn the body of imminent dangers of viruses and bacteria (unfortunately, many of us just ignore these tale-telling signs, or we simply fail to decipher these body messages). In addition, the immune system "remembers" these foreign invaders or antigens (the intention is to identify similar invaders in future for better disease-prevention purpose). Furthermore, the white blood cells in the immune system produce antibodies, which are chemicals that attach to and attack specific antigens. These white blood cells also send "messages" that cause "inflammation" in response to an injury or antigen, and thus instrumental in preventing an infection from spreading elsewhere. In other words, they receive "chemical instructions" to nip the disease or infection in the bud.

In short, the immune system serves different functions of identification, activation, mobilization, and attack.

Understanding your immune system may help you protect you from developing autoimmune diseases, which, according to Western medicine, there is no known cure, due to their complexity.

Stephen Lau
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Thursday, August 23, 2018

Avoid Soy and Dairy Products

Beware of Dairy and Soy Products

If you have an autoimmune disease, such as myasthenia gravis, beware of dairy and soy products because they may adversely affect your already weak and vulnerable immune system.

Dairy Products

Today’s milk is no more than a chemical, biological, and bacterial cocktail.

Instead of the old-fashioned fresh green grass feeding and traditional methods of breeding, modern feeding methods of cows use high-protein, soy-based feeds, and high-technology breeding to produce cows with abnormally large pituitary glands so that they can artificially produce much more milk. Just think about that!

Today, an average cow may produce 30,000 to 40,000 pounds of milk per year, as opposed to the 2,000 pounds produced by its counterpart half a century ago. Such discrepancy may be due to drugs, antibiotics, hormones, forced feeding plans, and specialized breeding. In 1990, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved a genetically engineered hormone injected into dairy cows to make them produce more milk. However, the Canadian government and scientists challenged the safety of this hormone. 

Cow’s milk is no longer pure as it was before. Just think about what is in your milk.

Dairy products may play a major role in the development of allergies, asthma, insomnia, and migraine headaches. At least 50 percent of all children in the United States are allergic to cow's milk, and many remain undiagnosed. Dairy products are the leading cause of food allergy, manifested in diarrhea, constipation, and chronic fatigue, although they may not be one of the causes of autoimmune disease.

Milk also contains powerful growth hormones, which may play a major role in human breast cancer. Milk is a hormonal delivery system. If you believe that breast-feeding mothers deliver substances to their infants, then you should understand that milk is a hormonal delivery system, too.

Today, milk is homogenized, which means the fat molecules in milk are evenly distributed within the liquid milk such that there is no visible cream separation in the milk. By artificially changing nature’s natural mechanism, milk proteins are not broken down, and are directly absorbed into your bloodstream without adequate digestion. Undigested proteins may account for increased rates of cancers and heart disease. This may explain why there is such low incidence of breast cancer in rural China, where there is low consumption of dairy products.

To make matters worse, synthetic vitamin D is often fortified and added to homogenized milk to replace the natural vitamin D complex displaced during the process of homogenization.

Synthetic vitamin D is toxic to your liver. Do not believe that your milk “fortified” with vitamin D is a better health food. No, it is not! Some good stuff has been taken out of your milk and is replaced by something not as good. For this reason, milk may not be a health food for healthy eating for everyone.

Normal milk may be bad enough as it is. On top of that, if milk is pasteurized (heated to kill bacteria in milk), it is being changed into something other than milk. When milk is pasteurized, much of its enzymes are destroyed in the process. Without enzymes, milk protein is difficult to digest, thereby unduly stressing your pancreas, which may make you more prone to diabetes later in life.

To protect your immune system, stay away from dairy products as much as possible.

Soy Products

The soybean known today is not the same plant traditionally grown in China. Prior to its introduction into the United States, this 20th century version of soybean was genetically manipulated in Europe in the 1950s to increase its yield for industrial purposes. In fact, soybean was listed in the 1913 U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) handbook not as a food but as an industrial product.

Soy may not be the health food for healthy eating that the food industry claims for the following reasons:

Soy has high concentrations of certain chemicals that combine with essential minerals to deposit insoluble salts difficult for your kidneys to eliminate.

Soy may adversely affect enzymes and hormones production in your body.
Soy protein is difficult for your digestion. Soybean is a seed. Like all other seeds, soybean is rich in enzyme inhibitors (anti-digestive) to protect it from the environment.

Soybean did not serve as a food until about 3,000 years ago when the ancient Chinese introduced the art of fermentation, neutralizing enzyme inhibitors and predigesting soybean with several fungus enzymes.

The Chinese did not eat unfermented soybean as they did other legumes such as lentils because soybean contains large quantities of natural toxins.

Only after the Chinese mastered the principle of pre-digesting soybean with natural substances to enhance its nutritional value during the Chou Dynasty (1134-246 B.C.) was soybean designated as one of the five sacred grains along with barley, wheat, millet, and rice for healthy eating.

Unfortunately, advances in technology, with the use of chemicals such as emulsifiers, flavorings, preservatives, and synthetic nutrients, have turned soybean into multiple soy products, while for centuries the Chinese have been consuming soy and its products only as a small po There are indeed many ways to avoid sugar in your cooking and diet. Wherever possible, do not include it to boost your immune system.

The bottom line: Consume soy products, such as soymilk and tofu, only moderately, if you must. Soy products are not good for the immune system.

To heal your autoimmune disease, focus on a healthy immune system through regular detoxification, diet, and mental relaxation.

Remember, medications are toxic substances; they may suppress your disease symptoms, but they never cure your autoimmune disease. Don’t add insult to injury!

Stephen Lau
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Monday, August 20, 2018

Do you want to live to 100 and beyond?

Do you want to live to 100 and beyond?

If you have an autoimmune disease, such as myasthenia gravis, do you still want to live to 100 and beyond? Maybe you do, and maybe you don’t. Irrespective of which part of your life journey you are currently on (actually, nobody knows), you have to live if you just don’t die. But how are you going to live as if everything is a miracle?

You Just Don’t Die! Is this book right for you?

Human existence is meaningless without life purpose and human happiness. The pursuit of longevity has been going on since time immemorial. Consciousness holds the key to the success of this pursuit. Consciousness is wisdom of the mind to understand the self, others, as well as how and why certain things happen. Wisdom is the capability of the self to ask self-intuitive questions along the life journey.

To live to 100 and beyond—if you just don’t die—you must ask questions about life; after all, living is about asking questions and seeking answers to the questions asked, and thereby instrumental in providing wisdom or a blueprint to continue the rest of your life journey.

The first question you should consciously ask yourself is: "How long do I wish to live?" Of course, that is only a hypothetical question because you really don’t have much of a choice—unless you would like to purposely end your life prematurely. Naturally, the answer to that question may also change over different phases in your life, depending on the quality of your life in that particular phase.

The second question you should consciously ask yourself is: "Why do I want to live long, or why not?" This question will be naturally followed by the third question: “How do I live long, or what can make me desire to live longer?”

The final question—if you just don’t die—is: "How should I live the rest of my life to overcome my daily problems and life challenges?"
This book may help you answer all the above questions, and much more.

The objective of this book is neither to convince you to crave longevity, nor to show you how to live to one hundred and beyond. It simply presents you with the consciousness of living the rest of your years as if everything is a miracle—if you just don’t die!

Stephen Lau
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Thursday, August 16, 2018

Healing Secrets

Healing Secrets

Life is a game in which there are always winners and losers. The secret to winning the game of life is to discover the secrets of living well, which are also the secrets of healing. Without healing, the game of life is over and lost.


Time is a crucial factor in winning the game of life. Most of us live by the clock, and, worse, have the illusion that we must live by the clock. Unfortunately, we all have only 24 hours a day: time is an equalizer of man. Effective time management may help you only get more done within your time frame, but more is not necessarily better. Instead, learn to control your own experience of time--in particular, the experience of timelessness, which is the present moment. The past is gone, the future is unknown, and only the present is real. Learn to slow down and experience that timelessness by focusing on one thing at a time. In that way, you not only create your own rhythm of life but also enhance your acute awareness of time, which is the art of living well. As a result of doing one thing at a time, you will always have time for everything, including time for yourself. 


Humans are mortal. As such, most of us have constant worries about getting sick and even thoughts of premature death. Living under the shadow of disease and death may cause hypochondria (vicarious experiencing symptoms of disease) in many individuals. Unfortunately, the disease symptoms are not only real but also debilitating.

Stop worrying about getting a serious illness: getting the disease symptoms does not necessarily mean going to get the disease itself. Instead, learn to decode your body language; it may be revealing some healing secrets to you through those disease symptoms.


Winning the game of life requires aspirations. Discover what you really want out of life. Life must have a purpose and dreams to go with that purpose. Identify your dreams, and pursue them with passion and persistence. 

The greatest asset in life is health. A winner in the game of life cannot do without it. 

Stephen Lau

Monday, August 13, 2018

Meditative Mindfulness for Relaxation

Meditative Mindfulness

The best way to treat myasthenia gravis symptoms, especially the drooping eyes, is complete relaxation of the body, the mind, and, of course, the eyes.

According to studies, meditation can make you live longer. Some big corporate companies are now providing free lessons of meditation to help their staff members to cope with work stress, as well as to enhance their work performance, and to reduce the medical costs due to sickness.

There are many reasons for meditation: relaxation, clarity of mind, and spiritual connection, among others. No matter what the reasons may be, the main focus of meditation is on meditative awarenessmindfulness of what is happening at the present moment, such as breathing, bodily sensations, and mental thoughts. Without this acute meditative awareness or mindfulness, there is no relaxation of the body and the mind, or the spiritual connection to a Higher Being.

Meditation is finding the quiet or stillness between sounds and thoughts and experiences. It is this underlying quietness—so quiet that you can almost hear it—that forms a link between you and your sensations and thoughts. Meditation is all about re-focusing the mind on what is important and what is irrelevant or insignificant. In other words, through awareness, meditation prioritizes and changes perspectives regarding what is happening in life. Essentially, you begin to become aware of your adaptation to cope with the mundane world, such as dealing with attitudes and behaviors, as well as pain and stress. Through clarity of mind, you also begin to know yourself better, such as the reasons for your anger; you may even have spiritual enlightenment, such as perception of the purpose of your existence. In brief, meditation is a mental training of meditative awareness or mindfulness of breathing, physical sensations, and mental thoughts, and the perception of timelessness, focusing only on the present moment or what is “real” at that present moment.

Meditation has its practical application in everyday living for life. Meditation heals both the body and the mind if you can bring all attributes and benefits of meditation to your day-to-day world. 

By training your meditative awareness only to remain present in whatever activity you undertake in real life, you will find yourself right in the center of that activity you are engaging in. In this way, you will be doing your very best, and meanwhile getting the greatest satisfaction from doing so.

To illustrate, say, you are doing a mundane everyday chore, such as washing the dishes or taking out the trash; you may not like what you are doing, but you are doing it anyway just because you have to. If you have had training in meditation, you will know how to keep uninvited thoughts to a minimum while you are doing the dishes or taking out the trash, and thus enabling you to be in the center of what you are experiencing and to do it without distraction. A mind trained in meditation leads to a state of stillness that can be maintained no matter what you do, or what is happening around you. This is the power of meditation.

The principles of meditation can be applied to any non-meditating part of your everyday life, such as walking.

As you begin walking, let go of thoughts of the outside world.

Focus on your breathing: listen to the relaxed sound of your breathing in and breathing out.

Make your walk slow and purposeful.

As you walk, observe each step that you make. Notice all the physical sensations of your feet, as well as the way your arms swing back and forth, brushing against your body.

If uninvited thoughts come, re-focus your awareness on your breathing and physical sensations.

In this way, you can turn any everyday activity into meditative nature in order to enhance your awareness and clarity of mind, which can be life transforming.  Not only your senses come to life, but also you see how things change from moment to moment, so you have a better understanding of what is important and what is “real” in your life. Seeing things in perspective will help you let go of things you found most difficult to let go in the past.

Practice meditative awareness in your everyday activities in order to enhance your self-healing power of the body and the mind.

Stephen Lau
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Thursday, August 9, 2018

Less Sugar Stronger Immune System

If you want to have a healthy immune system to improve the symptoms of an autoimmune disease, including myasthenia gravis, you must try to avoid certain foods, most notably—sugar.


A recent U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) survey revealed that the average American consumes the equivalent of 160 pounds of sugar a year—that is, something like over 50-heaped teaspoons of sugar per person per day.

Avoid all white sugar, corn syrup, Aspartame and Nutrasweet©.

Sugar is one of the common toxic foods that stresses the immune system; it is not a health food by any stretch of imagination because it spells death in many ways:

Too much sugar may suppress your immune system and upset your body’s mineral balance, making it more acidic, which is the underlying cause of most disease.

Too much sugar consumption may cause blood sugar imbalance and food craving, leading to obesity.

Too much sugar may overburden your pancreas, rendering it incapable of clearing sugar from your blood efficiently. This sugar imbalance may potentially lead to diabetes.

Too much sugar intake may cause anxiety, irritability, nervous tension, and even depression due to depletion of your body’s B-complex vitamins and minerals, especially for those women progressing to menopause.

Too much sugar consumption may reduce your absorption of good cholesterol (HDLs), while increasing your bad cholesterol (LDLs).

Eating too much sugar is not healthy eating at all. Look at all food and drink labels before you consume them. Any food item loaded with sugar is bad for the immune system.
Unfortunately, sugar is hidden in almost all commercial processed foods and drinks, such as corn syrup, aspartame.

If you must have sugar in spite of its deadly potentials, consider the following alternatives for a healthy immune system:

Use apple or other sweet fruit juices for many recipes in cooking and deserts. Avoid juices made from “concentrate,” which have little or no nutritional value.

Use barley malt made from sprouted barley, or brown rice syrup in bakery.

Use blackstrap molasses, a by-product of sugar refining process, which contains calcium, iron, and B vitamins, and which has about a quarter of the calories of refined sugar.

Use dried fruit puree made from dried organic apricots, cranberries, dates, figs, and prunes not been treated with sulfur.

Use fresh carrot juice as a refreshing sweet drink.

Use maple syrup in cooking or as a sweetener. Maple syrup comes from sap of maple tree. Organic pure 100 percent maple syrup is a little expensive but highly recommended.

Use raisins as a sweetener with oatmeal and fruit salad.

Use stewed fruits as deserts.

Use sweet brown rice with raisins as a sweet-tasting meal or desert.
Use vanilla rice milk to replace milk and sugar in teas and cereals.

There are indeed many ways to avoid sugar in your cooking and diet. Wherever possible, do not include it to boost your immune system.

Stephen Lau
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Monday, August 6, 2018

The Wisdom of Self-Acceptance

Self-Acceptance is anti-depression. If you cannot accept the reality that you have an autoimmune disease, you may feel distressed and depressed.

In addition, if you cannot accept yourself for who you are, you cannot love yourself, and not loving yourself is always the beginning of depression.

In a general sense, self-esteem is the positive or negative evaluative perception of self.  It is a rating of self based on a partial assessment of current and/or past traits. Many mental health professionals claim that achieving higher self-esteem is the keystone of good mental health, in particular, in avoiding depression; such claims, however, are dubious at best.

Low self-esteem is self-doubt, often expressed in not asserting oneself in public or workplace, and not pushing past one’s comfort zones.

To love yourself is self-acceptance, which is accepting who and what you really are—and not who and what you wish you were (that is, your ego-self). It should also be pointed out that “loving yourself” and “loving your ego-self” are not quite the same. The former is loving yourself for who you really are, despite all your imperfections; the latter involves loving or craving to be the person you wish you were. “Loving yourself” means you can love others as well because they are not very different from you in that they, too, are as imperfect as you are. On the other hand, “loving your ego-self” means it is very difficult to love others because you want to distinguish and separate yourself from others; accordingly, others must somehow satisfy your ego first before you can love them. That explains why if you have a big ego-self, you cannot easily and readily love others.

The bottom line: if you can accept yourself as who and what you are, then it may become much easier for you to accept and love others as who and what they are. The absence of love is a mindset for depression.

Stephen Lau     
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Thursday, August 2, 2018

Acid-Alkaline Balance

A healthy body means there is balance in acid and alkaline in the body.

Alkalizing medicinal plants

Alkalizing medicinal plants to balance acid-alkaline levels include the following:

Black currant fruits are a good source of vitamin C and other vitamins and minerals, including an omega-6 fatty acid to increase blood flow, to decrease blood clotting, and to reduce inflammation (often a source of many types of body pain).

Black currant seed oil is especially good for rheumatoid arthritis due to its anti-inflammatory properties in decreasing the morning stiffness in the joints. According to the British Journal of Rheumatology, black currant oil is effective because of a reduction in the secretion of the inflammatory cytokines (a source of inflammation). Black currant seed oil is also beneficial to cardiovascular disease due to the presence of its omega-6 fatty acids. Black currant seed oil helps reduce the severity of menstrual cramps due to the anti-inflammatory omega-6 fatty acids.

According to the Skin Study Center in Philadelphia, black currant seed oil helps with dry skin disorders. The gamma-linoleic acid (GLA) in black currant protects against water loss that contributes to itching and other symptoms associated with dry skin.

Burdock is a plant native to Asia and Europe, which has become available to all parts of the world. Ancient Chinese and Indian herbalists used burdock to treat respiratory infections, abscesses, and joint pain. The root of burdock is the primary source of most herbal preparations. The Japanese eat burdock root as a vegetable.

Cranberry has been in use since the Iron Age, but the Romans were the first to recognize its medicinal values. Cranberry contains anti-asthmatic compounds, and is high in vitamin C and antioxidants. Scientific studies have shown cranberry to be effective in helping to prevent or eliminate urinary tract infections. This berry is useful in fighting yeast infections, as well as kidney stones and chronic kidney inflammation. According to a study reported at the 2006 International Association for Dental Research's 84th General Session & Exhibition in Brisbane, Australia, the antioxidant properties of cranberry help fight dental plaque.

Alkalizing energy boosters

Alkalizing energy boosters to balance acid-alkaline levels include the following:

Spirulina is a green alga, rich in chlorophyll, containing the highest protein and beta-carotene levels of all green super foods. It is one of the highest known vegetable sources of B-12, minerals, trace elements, cell salts, amino acids, DNA and RNA, and enzymes. Spirulina helps with digestion, elimination, detoxification, internal cleansing, tissue repair, skin problems, healing, and prevention of degenerative disease. It also promotes longevity. Spirulina is useful in weight-control diets because its high nutritional value helps to satisfy the hidden hunger of deficiencies.

Blackstrap molasses is an excellent source of iron and calcium, copper, magnesium, manganese, and potassium. It can even reverse your gray hair due to its copper content.

Make a healthy drink with a tablespoon of organic blackstrap molasses (mixed in some hot water first) and ¾ cup of soymilk with some ice.

Cod liver oil comes from fatty fish, such as salmon and sardines; it is rich in vitamin A and vitamin D, and essential omega 3 oils. It enhances the absorption of calcium and maintains a constant level of blood calcium. Cod liver oil improves brain functions and the nervous system. In 2005, researchers at the University of California reported that Vitamin D might lower the risk of developing different types of cancers, cutting in half the chances of getting breast, ovarian, or colon cancer.

Alkaline supplements

Alkaline supplements may also be taken to balance the acid-alkaline levels. Alkaline supplements should contain calcium (Ca), sodium (Na), silica and copper, and other minerals to aid de-acidification of your body. More importantly, they should contain every mineral in similar proportion to that found in the human body.

If you wish to be younger and healthier for longer, you must maintain your acid-alkaline balance in your body.

Stephen Lau
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