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My Myasthenia Gravis

Myasthenia gravis is one of the many autoimmune diseases, which, according to contemporary Western medicine, offer no known cure, except controlling or suppressing their many disease symptoms. This book is based on the author's own experience of battling against his myasthenia gravis: how he stopped all his medications through a holistic approach to controlling and managing the disease. This book provides insight and well-researched information that he would like to share with those who are afflicted with myasthenia gravis or any other autoimmune disease.

This book covers every aspect of holistic health to cope with autoimmunity: body detox, diet, lifestyle changes, exercises for muscle weakness, and mental relaxation techniques for vision problems associated with myasthenia gravis.
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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Letting Go to Heal

Myasthenia gravis is an autoimmune disease with symptoms that are often stress-related. To avoid or overcome these symptoms, get rid of stress, which comes from the inability to let go of the past

We all have a past; some of us may have a pleasant one, while others a less pleasant one. No matter what, the past was gone, and no longer real, except the memory of it. Only the present is real, and that is why it is called "present" -- a gift or present from the Creator.

Letting go of the past may hold the key to living a stress-free life. It is the wisdom of living well in this day and age. In this material world, many of us believe that more is always better. Why do we want more? The explanation is simple: we tend to identify all material things with our ego: the car we drive, the house we live in, the clothes we wear, the career we have. But they are all in our minds, and they don't last. Knowing this ultimate truth, we still hold on to everything in our possession, refusing to let go. This is how we have created stress in our lives.

According to the ancient wisdom of Tao, which is the profound wisdom of Lao Tzu, the ancient sage from China, who was the author of the immortal classic Tao Te Ching, one of the most translated works in world literature, letting go begins with the mind first:

"Letting go is emptying the mundane,
to be filled with heavenly grace.

Blessed is he who has an empty mind.
He will be filled with knowledge and wisdom from the Creator.
Blessed is he who has no attachment to worldly things.
He will be compensated with heavenly riches.
Blessed is he who has no ego-self.
He will be rewarded with humility to connect with the Creator.
Blessed is he who has no judgment of self and others.
He will find contentment and empathy in everyone.

Letting go of everything is the Way to the Creator."

(Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching, Chapter 9 "Letting Go")

Life is about mind over matter. To fully harness your mind power, first of all, you need to fully understand the role of the mind and how your mind works, so that it may work for you, instead of against you; and then learn the strategies to fully utilize your mind power. You think and your thoughts become the raw materials with which you weave the fabrics of your life, including your choices and decisions, your actions and reactions; your thinking is based on your perceptions of your past experiences, and the memories of those experiences.

According to Lao Tzu, an empty mind means you let go of all your memories that are responsible for inflating your ego. Without your ego, you have no stress.

Also, read my book: 
NO EGO NO STRESS to find out how to let go of your ego to let go of other things in your life to live a life of simplicity without stress.

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Monday, October 16, 2017

Is Natural Healing A Myth Or A Reality?

Is natural healing a myth or a reality? It’s all up to you to decide.

Natural healing is holistic healing. It is a process by which a person’s health is restored in the most natural way without the use of conventional medicine throughout the healing process. The human body is blessed with divine gifts in the form of natural resources that enable not only the enhancement of health but also the freedom from any type of illness.

Natural healing is effective because it uses the power of the mind through affirmation and visualization, meditation, the goodness of nature through natural herbs and healthful foods, and the energy of your body through hand massage, yoga, and acupuncture to bring about healing of the body, the mind, and the soul. In order to prevent any future relapse and to guarantee long-term cure, the healing has to be complete and wholesome. In addition, in natural healing, there is no need to take any form of chemicals or to undergo any invasive procedure, which may not only produce negative side effects but also interrupt with the natural healing process.

Natural healing has long proven to be a very good alternative to the traditional way of healing practiced by medical doctors. As a matter of fact, many natural healing clinics have sprung up across the United States. People are using natural healing techniques more than anything else mainly because they are highly effective with minimal or zero side effects, and they are less expensive than treatments of conventional medicine.

Be a natural healer of your own disease.

First of all, you must know the difference between healing and treatment: treatment originates from the outside, whereas healing comes from within; treatment aims at removing symptoms of disease, while healing tackles the source of disease.

Next, natural healing begins with the mind first. Your mind controls your body, and everything you do and think. Therefore, to heal, your mind must express the intention to heal, without which there is no cure or healing. Your intention to heal is then manifested in focus, which directs your mind towards the goal to heal. To reach that goal, you need resources; that is, you must empower yourself with knowledge so that you may know how to heal yourself. Knowledge is power: it may establish a connection to your true self, and thereby instrumental in allowing you to make the right health decisions and to live your life in a lifestyle in accordance with your higher purpose. Through the many facets of mind power, such as affirmation, visualization, and meditation, your mind begins its healing process. Healing begins with the mind, and mind healing is always mind over matter. Natural healing is always slow: it does not happen overnight. You need to set your goals, and make your commitment, which is your mental responsibility. Living is a challenge, and so is healing. During the healing process you may have to face different challenges before you can overcome the illness.

Natural healing is a miracle by itself. Bu you have to believe in it first, then empower your mind with knowledge to prepare your body for the natural healing process. With the help of your soul, you can initiate natural healing as if everything is a miracle

Stephen Lau
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Thursday, October 12, 2017

Another FREE Book to Help Your Vision

By Stephen Lau

This is a book on using eye exercises to overcome bad vision habits that lead to poor vision. The author explains that the eye is an organ of the body, which is controlled by the mind, vision health is holistic health of the body and the mind. 

Good vision is determined by the flexibility of eye muscles. If you exercise your body, there is no rhyme or reason why you should not exercise your eyes for better vision.

The author himself has poor vision due to his myasthenia gravis, which is an autoimmune disease affecting his eye muscles. He is sharing his own experience to use eye exercises for better vision.

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Monday, October 2, 2017

Get This FREE Book to Lose Some Weight!

Your myasthenia gravis medications may make you fat. Download this book ABSOLUTELY FREE to lose a few extra pounds. 

All-Round Weight Loss
by Stephen Lau

Everybody wants to lose some weight; some even want to lose a lot more. But almost everybody gains back all the pounds that have been lost, and then some.

Why is that? Because weight loss is not just about eating less—after all, everybody wants to eat more, not less. Weight loss is about everything, just as Oprah Winfrey once said: “My greatest failure was in believing that the weight issue was just about weight.” Oprah was right. Weight loss is all-round; that is, it involves the body, the mind, and the spirit. To illustrate, weight loss is also about the thinking mind; it is the thoughts that make you fat, more than anything else. According to Esther and Jerry Hicks' bestseller "Money and the Law of Attraction," people not only want the food but also believe that the food will make them fat, and thus have created that which they do not want; unfortunately, their thoughts attract what they do not want, so their bodies respond to the thinking mind, and gain instead of losing weight.

Therefore, going on a fad diet, abstaining from certain types of food, reducing calorie consumption-all these only contribute to the weight-loss hype that sustains the billion-dollar weight-loss industry. The consumers forever lose in the battle of the bulge.

ALL-ROUND WEIGHT LOSS is holistic weight management in that it covers every aspect of weight loss, beginning with the mind, the body, and then the spirit, to make weight loss natural and permanent. Only holistic weight management guarantees lasting weight loss. Do not waste money on diets, and weight-loss products and programs that do not work. Follow the author's simple but comprehensive holistic approach to wellness and weight management. Remember, if you are healthy in body, mind, and soul, you will not have any weight problem.

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Monday, September 25, 2017

TAO Wisdom to Cope with Myasthenia Gravis

Life is forever changing. A static life is not worth living. Ironically enough, many people resist any change in their lives; they desire consistency and stability. Unfortunately, whether you like it or not, changes are inevitable as you continue to age. You may develop diseases, such as myasthenia gravis. The only ways to cope with life changes is adaptability and acceptance.

Adaptability is changing the mind's perception of the change and challenge you confront, and act or react accordingly to the circumstances. This mental perception requires awareness, without which actions or reactions may not take place, because often times changes are slow, gradual, and even subtly imperceptible. Awareness means knowing why and how changes are taking place. with Myasthenia  
.“We need a still and composed mind
to see things with greater clarity.
Because trouble begins in the mind
with small and unrelated thoughts.
So, we carefully watch the mind
to stop any trouble before it begins.”
(Chapter 64, Tao Te Ching)

Acceptance is taking the responsibility of the results of the actions or reactions taken. Acceptance may not be easy, especially if you have a pre-conditioned mindset of expectation or comparing the condition before and after the change.

Both adaptability and acceptance requires wisdom -- the wisdom to know and understand that nothing is permanent because everything remains only with that very present moment, and that everything follows a natural cycle, such as success .

"Success and failure are no more than expressions of the human condition.

So, accept both gracefully and willingly, with no judgment, no preference.
The Creator loves us unconditionally, irrespective of our success or failure.
What is meant by “accept both gracefully and willingly”?
Success is avoiding failure; avoiding failure is seeking success.
Both originate from fear and pride: the sources of human suffering.
Seeing ourselves indiscriminately as everything, including success and failure,
we see not only the manifestations but also the mysteries of the creation.
(Chapter 13, Tao Te Ching)

TAO wisdom is profound human wisdom based on not acquisition of knowledge but self-intuition of the nature of things. Through this self-enlightenment, one become wise, and accordingly knows how to live one's life as if everything is a miracle. Click here to find out more about Tao wisdom..

Stephen Lau 
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Monday, September 18, 2017

Relaxation to Overcome Myasthenia Gravis Symptoms

Myasthenia gravis is an autoimmune disease as a result of a dysfunctional immune system. The hallmark of myasthenia gravis is muscle weakness. To cope with the disease symptoms in the limbs and the eyes, learn to relax. Nowadays, the human mind is often too preoccupied with thoughts and worries about career, money, children, relationships, health, and social responsibilities that it is almost impossible to slow down. A compulsive mind is the underlying cause of many human diseases, including myasthenia gravis.

First and foremost, get rid of a compulsive mind, which is the underlying cause of stress, which is a complex problem involving the body's response to increased mental tension, which is a byproduct of modern living. Knowing how to relax is the only solution to this complex body-mind problem that may inhibit the natural cure of myasthenia gravis disease symptoms.

Relax with mindfulness

Mindfulness is a way of being—it has been around for millennia. Mindfulness is deliberate presence of mind in a non-judgmental way, often focusing on something apparently insignificant, such as our breathing. Mindfulness is letting go of doing, at least for now, and learning how to be in the present moment.

As an illustration, you have been diagnosed with myasthenia gravis, and you feel distressed and distraught. Instead of taking drastic actions to cope with the disease symptoms, you let yourself to be doing less, but noticing more, with the ultimate objective of probe into your mind to release wisdom on how to deal with your myasthenia gravis. Mind empowering is important to recovery and recuperation from any disease. Read my book: As If Everything Is A Miracle to find out how to use the body, the mind, and the spirit to live as if everything is a miracle in your life.

Mindfulness begins with breathing. Be mindful of your breathing is the first step towards learning how to be mindful of everything around you. Notice how you breathe in and breathe out. We all breathe, but not many of us are mindful of our breaths, that is, how we breathe.

Relax by way of Zen

Learn how to relax by way of Zen by taking a holistic, practical, and honest approach to relaxation, which involves the body, the mind, and the spirit. Relaxation is not about taking a holiday, going fishing, watching a movie, or reading a book. According to Zen, relaxation is an integral part of life, without which there is no ultimate stress relief.

Learn how to deal with life's natural flow, and how to go along with it; that is, going around life's problems, instead of confronting them head on. It is all about spontaneity of living. Spontaneity is embracing all life problems; in any life situation, you can be either a student or a teacher, and make the most out of it.

Remember, according to Zen, life is simple, and never a problem. If life is a problem, it is because YOU have created the problem for yourself. If there is no problem, then why do you need a solution? Fixing a non-existing problem in life is only creating more problems for yourself.

Learn how to relax by acquiring the wisdom of neither avoiding problems in life, nor seeking solutions to problems that may not even have existed in the first place.

Start Zen: Learn the healing art of Zen meditation. Free yourself from the thoughts and emotions that are holding you back in your life. Dramatically improve the quality of your life by enhancing the quality of your mind.

Relax with natural sleep

Sleep relaxes and rejuvenates both the body and the mind. Natural sleep is a natural human instinct for relaxation of muscles. According to Chinese medicine, natural sleep is holistic health and wellness. .

In a CNN news report, sleep deprivation affects the size of your brain. In the article, Dr. Neal Maru, a neurologist and sleep specialist with Integrated Sleep Services in Alexandria, Virginia, says: “Poor sleep can affect our immune system, our cardiovascular health, weight, and, of course, memories.” Indeed, insomnia is an immune system wrecker. Therefore, it is important to have natural sleep to protect your immune system to alleviate, if not to cure, your myasthenia gravis disease symptoms. 

Given that sleep is a natural process, it is against nature to artificially induce sleep with medications. Do not use sleep medicine to overcome insomnia. The reason is that all pharmaceutical drugs are loaded with toxic chemicals that further damage your compromised immune system.

Take Control of Your Health and Escape the Sickness Industry: is an informative and inspirational book by Elaine Hollingsworth, the movie-star-turned-heath-crusader, who explains in detail how understanding dangerous drugs, unreliable medical tests, and often-times unnecessary procedures may help you escape the sickness industry through healthy sleep and natural health. Do not fall into the trap of the sickness industry by taking more dangerous drugs, such as sleep medications, which not only are dangerous but also create the drug-dependence.

Stephen Lau
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Monday, September 11, 2017

The Miracle of Self-Healing

Albert Einstein once said: "There are two ways to live: you can live as if nothing is a miracle; you can live as if everything is a miracle." So, believe in self-healing, and live your life as if everything is a miracle—including the miracle to heal yourself of myasthenia gravis. Yes, self-healing is a miracle of life.

Ironically enough, modern Western medicine has led many of us to believe that healing is a complex process, involving high technology, complex drugs, and state-of-the-art procedures. It is human nature to learn belief systems, theories, and facts without challenging them. Truly, medical professionals are experts in their respective fields, and, obviously, they not only know more than we do but also have more experience than we have. However, that does not imply that we should readily accept their opinions without fully understanding what they are. Unfortunately, many of us are doing just that—going along with what they say, despite the many mistakes, even fatal ones, made by these professionals. As a matter of fact, according to a study in the Journal of the American Medical Association, more than 100,000 Americans died in hospitals from dangerous drugs or from their dangerous medication side effects in 1998. 

To make the miracle of self-healing a reality for your immune disease, understand the essentials of self-healing.

The Power of the Mind

Healing begins with the mind first.

The mind is powerful in that it is the origin of all your thoughts, which determine not only who you are but also how you experience life. Life is a journey of experiences, throughout which the mind plays a pivotal part. Whether an individual is going to be healthy, successful, or happy in life depends on the power of mind. Mind power is the essence of being. Mind power holds the key to recovery from any disease, including your from your immune disease. Every thought counts in self-healing.

If you wish to combat, if not to cure yourself of, an autoimmune disease, you must first of all have the intent to heal, without which there is no self-cure or self-healing, and your battle against the autoimmune disease is already half-lost.

With intent, come concentration and focus to seek self-help to empower yourself with knowledge of self-healing, without which you may be at a loss as to what to do. Out of ignorance, many simply turn to conventional medicine for treatment; unfortunately, it may be a case of jumping from the frying pan into the fire.

Mind power is also evidenced in its capability to create "reality." Yes, it is all in the mind, and it is always mind over matter.

A powerful mind can produce positive thoughts, which affect not just your body and your emotions, but also your genes. According to scientific studies, how your mind processes your daily experiences can turn on or turn off a particular gene responsible for a particular ailment or disease. In other words, there is a close body-mind connection with respect to health and healing.

Utilize your mind power to create the “reality” of healing for your autoimmune disease. That is, you need visualization, which is the ability to see “reality” in your mind’s eye. Seeing is believing: “seeing” the positive result of your efforts through positive images reinforces your “believing” that you will be cured of your myasthenia gravis.

The road to health and recovery from an autoimmune disease is never direct or smooth: it is always paved with roadblocks and obstacles in the form of relapses and remission. As a result, you will need determination and perseverance before you can reach your goal of self-healing.

Given the uniqueness of each individual's physical and physiological makeup, you must use your imagination and creativity to devise your own methods of self-cure for your myasthenia gravis.

Visualization is a powerful tool for enhancing your mind power for mind healing to initiate the subsequent body healing. That is,  manifestation of the mind may begin to manifest itself in the body healing. 

Visualization Power: shows you how athletes, healers, scientists, businessmen, yogis achieve their success through their thinking mind.

Stephen Lau

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Monday, September 4, 2017

Be Grateful for What You Have

Gratitude is an important element in the art of living well. That said, it is not easy to express gratitude  if one is diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, such as myasthenia gravis. One often asks: "Why me?" This feeling of unfairness may create a negative mindset that ultimately becomes a stumbling block to recovery. 

I was diagnosed with myasthenia gravis more than two decades ago, and I have learned many life lessons from it. 

Get this book from Amazon: “Be A Better And Happier You With Tao Wisdom.” 

This 132-page book is based on the profound human wisdom expressed in “Tao Te Ching” written by Lao Tzu, an ancient sage from China. BE A BETTER AND HAPPIER YOU WITH TAO WISDOM not only contains the translation in simple English of the complete text of this 5,000-word immortal classic, but also shows you how to attain true human wisdom through asking self-intuitive questions, creating an empty mindset with reverse thinking to let go of the ego-self to become a better and happier you. 

If you are a better person, you will be happier and live longer. Find out how the ancient wisdom from China some 2600 years ago will help you change your mindset to live as if everything is a miracle. Human wisdom and happiness play a pivotal role in the prevention as well as the management of an autoimmune disease. 

Stephen Lau

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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Use Your Mind to Heal

Myasthenia gravis is an autoimmune disease that is treatable but not curable, according to modern medicine. Remember, nothing to set in stone; develop an empty mind. Healing always begins with the mind first and not the body. Therefore, harness your mind power to heal, and see the prognosis of your disease.

The mind is powerful in that it is the origin of all your thoughts, which determine not only who you are but also how you experience your life. Life is a journey of experiences, throughout which the mind plays a pivotal part. Whether an individual is going to be healthy, successful, or happy in life depends on the power of the mind. Mind power is the essence of being. Mind power holds the key to recovery from any disease, including yours from your autoimmune disease. Every thought counts in the process of self-healing.

If you wish to combat, if not to totally cure yourself of, an autoimmune disease, you must first of all have the intent to heal, without which there is no self-cure or recovery, and your battle against the autoimmune disease is already half-lost.

With intent, come concentration and focus to seek self-help to empower yourself with knowledge of self-healing, without which you may be at a loss as to what to do next. Out of sheer ignorance, many simply turn to conventional medicine for treatment; unfortunately, it may be a case of jumping from the frying pan into the fire.

Mind power is also evidenced in its capability to create "reality." Yes, it is all in the mind, and it is always mind over matter.

A placebo effect attests to the power of the mind.

Placebo effect is not just offering magic, hope, and comfort for a cure of a disease. The truth is that the placebo effect is significant—as much as between 35 and 75 percent of patients benefit from taking a dummy pill in studies of new drugs.

My Myasthenia Gravis

According to Western medicine, there is no cure for autoimmune diseases, including myasthenia gravis.

This book is based on the author’s own struggle with his myasthenia gravis. After more than two decades, he is now completely drug-free  with only very minor symptoms.

Follow the author's holistic approach to overcome your autoimmune disease.   

To get your digital copy, click here; to get your paperback copy, click here.

Stephen Lau

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Sunday, August 20, 2017

Make the Best of Your Golden Years

Make the best of your golden years, even if you  are living with an autoimmune disease. .

Use Santa Claus as your role model, and live as if everything is a miracle.

Your Golden Years and Santa Claus explains the wisdom of living in the present, the wisdom of letting go, and the wisdom of not picking and choosing -- they are the essentials for happy and successful aging in the golden years. Learn how to think and act like Santa Claus in your golden years.

Your future is always unknown and unknowable, but it is your readiness to get new information and to use your new experience to reassess your current situation that provides a light at the end of the tunnel.

Wake up from your nightmare and live a life that you rightly deserve in your golden years.

Growing older sucks. The alternative is to die younger.

So, make the best and the most of your remaining years; turn them into the golden years of your life in spite of any frailty and adversity you may be facing. Remember, life is a task-master: it teaches you not only how to survive in any challenging circumstance but also how to live as if everything is a miracle, especially in your golden years.

Use Santa Claus as your role model to start believing in yourself, developing the right mindset of successful aging, and acting appropriately and positively. Santa Claus may not be a magic-bullet solution to all your life problems and challenges, but he certainly may open unexpected doors for you in your golden years.

Stephen Lau
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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

The Wisdom of Letting Go

Many human diseases, in particular, autoimmune diseases such as myasthenia gravis, come from stress. To overcome stress, human wisdom is needed. We need human wisdom to ask the right questions, and spiritual wisdom to seek self-enlightening answers to the questions asked throughout our life journey.

Human wisdom comes from the mind: an empty mindset with reverse thinking; mindfulness living in the present with no expectation and no picking; and spontaneity with understanding of the natural cycle of all things, that is, what goes up must also come down. The ancient Tao wisdom from China may enhance human wisdom.

With human wisdom, we may see the wisdom of letting go of all attachments in the material world. Attachments are the raw materials with which we often create the self-delusive realities of the ego-self. Letting go of the ego and all its attachments may let us see the true nature of everything: who we really are, not who we wish we were, and what we really need, not what we desire.

The ego is the human flaw that not only undermines the natural human wisdom but also distorts the lens through which we see the world around us. Therefore, we need spiritual wisdom to complement the inadequate human wisdom, to guide the soul on our life journey. Spiritual wisdom can only be attained through trust and obedience to the Creator, which is letting go to let God.

Mindfulness is the result of letting go of all attachments -- our attachments to the ego-self, to the material world, to our past and our expectation of the future. Consciously and subconsciously, these attachments become our "realities" and  stress us, causing diseases. 

If this book is right for you, you can get it from AMAZON. Click here for the digital copy and here for the paperback edition.

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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Enhanced Immune System to Avoid Autoimmune Diseases

As with any disease, there are risk factors associated with autoimmunity, as well as triggers of the development of an autoimmune disease.

The risk factors for autoimmunity

Women are more susceptible to autoimmunity than men are. Autoimmune disease strikes women more than it strikes men, particularly women of working age and during their child-bearing years.

The genes of parents who have developed an autoimmune disease may increase the risk factor for autoimmunity.

Viruses, due to a weakened or compromised immune system, may also contribute to the development of an autoimmune disease.

The autoimmunity triggers

The No.1 autoimmunity trigger is stress. Emotional stress, mental stress, and physical stress may trigger autoimmunity, in particular when the immune system is weak.

Other autoimmunity triggers may include behavior and wayward lifestyle, such as alcohol addiction and nicotine consumption.

How to enhance the immune system?

Scientists have discovered that the healthy functioning of the immune system is dependent on your own behavior. In other words, the efficiency of your immune system depends on how well you live. More specifically, foods, herbs, and lifestyle factors all play a pivotal part in the health of your immune system. Therefore, only YOU can enhance immune system because only YOU are responsible for your own health.

We are living in a culture that relies on external means for healing, such as the use of pills, potions, and surgeries. What is missing in the Western medical system is the philosophy that the body is capable of protecting itself against any illness, as well as healing itself of the illness, and that the role of the physician is to promote the self-healing process of the patient to re-establish health and wellness. Without this missing link, the immune system becomes compromised and vulnerable.

The criteria for a strong immune system

A strong immune system must have the following: 

Effective  communication between the immune cells (they fight against foreign invaders)

Increased production of immune cells

Reduced production of free radicals (damaging oxidation produced in the natural process of growth and rejuvenation of human cells)

Optimum environment for blood and tissues where immune cells work

The immune system diet

In addition to taking immune system vitamins to boost immune system, you need to use diet, such as a natural thyroid diet, to protect your immune system.

Eat fresh, organic fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts daily.

Eat natural foods. Cooking, food processing, and freezing destroy some of the health-promoting nutrients in your foods.

Eat phytonutrients, which are plant nutrients. They include carotenoids, flavonoids, and phytosterols, among others.


Dark green, yellow, red, and orange vegetables and fruits are rich in carotenoids. They are potent antioxidants against free radicals, and they include the following: bilberries, blueberries, broccoli, carrots, citrus fruits, ginkgo biloba, grapes, green tea, onions, peppers, and tangerines.


Phytosterols are plant fats (just like animal fats). Plant fats inhibit the secretion of inflammatory cytokines (pain-causing agents), and are therefore effective in controlling rheumatoid arthritis, one of the most debilitating and difficult-to-treat diseases today.

Foods rich in phytosterols include the following: almonds, cashews, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, barley, peas, and soybeans.

Vitamin A to prevent thymus shrinkage (5,000 IU daily dosage)

Vitamin B6 to maintain hormone levels and to prevent thymus shrinkage (50 mg daily dosage)

Vitamin C to regulate T-cell (white blood thymus cells) function (at least 1,000 mg daily dosage or up to bowel tolerance)

Vitamin E to increase infection resistance (400 0800 IU daily dosage)

Selenium to increase T-cell activity and antibody production for detoxification (100 mcg daily dosage)

Zinc to boost your thymus for maturing T-cells to fight invaders (15 mg daily dosage)

Coenzyme Q10 to increase energy production for cells’ activities

L-glutathione to regenerate immune cells in the immune system (200 mg daily dosage)

Magnesium to increase enzymatic reactions (100 mg daily dosage)

DHEA to control cortisol, the stress hormone (5 mg daily dosage)

The immune system herbs

Your body is a self-cleaning mechanism, which uses your liver, kidneys, urine, feces, breath, and sweat to detoxify your body of toxins. Herbs can provide you with safe, natural, time-tested methods to improve the natural functions of your body to support and boost the immune system.

Some of the most immune system herbs include: black walnut, cascara sagrada, cayenne, dandelion, echinacea, fennel seed, Indian rhubarb root, licorice root, milk thistle, psyllium husk, red clover, slipper elm inner bark, and yarrow.

Use some of these herbs to boost immune system, and they are obtainable on the Internet.


Stress is not only one of the most contributing factors to but also a major trigger of an autoimmune disease in a compromised and weakened immune system. Therefore, relaxation is an important immune system booster because it de-stresses you. But living a life of relaxation is not easy. Relaxation has to do with having a holistic, practical, and honest approach to life, involving the physical body, the mind, and the soul. Relaxation is not about taking a holiday, going fishing, watching a movie, or reading a book; relaxation is about living -- how to live your life without stress. Relaxation is an integral part of life, without which there is no stress relief. Relaxation is about learning how to deal with life natural flow, and how to go along with it -- that is, going around life problems, instead of avoiding them or confronting them head on. Relaxation is about spontaneity of living.

Learn how to use Tao wisdom, the ancient human wisdom from China, to relax your mind, thereby instrumental in relaxing your body as well. 

Learn how to use meditation healing to cope with everyday stress to relax both the body and the mind.

Conquering stress helps you get back your life by overcoming stress, depression, and anxiety, without the use of drugs and medications. These ailments and disorders are commonly associated with aging and autoimmune diseases.

Stephen Lau
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