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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Preventing An Autoimmune Disease

There are more than one hundred types of autoimmune diseases, and most of them result directly or indirectly from a compromised immune system. Therefore, to prevent an autoimmune disease, protect the immune system.

As you age, your immune system becomes weaker, as evidenced by the high incidence of influenza and pneumonia after age 25, not to mention among the elderly. Therefore, it is important to boost your immunity, closely related to your thymus (the commander-in-chief of fighters in your immune system against foreign invaders).  

To protect the immune system, you need to eat fresh, organic fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts daily. In addition, you have to eat natural foods. Cooking, food processing, and freezing destroy some of the nutrients in your foods that are essential to a healthy immune system.

Also, get  the 10 most important nutritional supplements:

  • Vitamin A to prevent thymus shrinkage (5,000 IU daily dosage)
  • Vitamin B6 to maintain hormone levels and to prevent thymus shrinkage (50 mg daily dosage)
  • Vitamin C to regulate T-cell (white blood thymus cells) function (at least 1,000 mg daily dosage or up to bowel tolerance)
  • Vitamin E to increase infection resistance (400 - 800 IU daily dosage)
  • Selenium to increase T-cell activity and antibody production for detoxification (100 mcg daily dosage)
  • Zinc to boost your thymus for maturing T-cells to fight invaders (15 mg daily dosage)
  • Coenzyme Q10 to increase energy production for cells’ activities
  • Reduced L-glutathione to regenerate immune cells in the immune system (200 mg daily dosage)
  • Magnesium to increase enzymatic reactions (100 mg daily dosage)
  • DHEA to control cortisol, the stress hormone (5 mg daily dosage)
Finally, protecting the mind from stress is equally important because stress is the underlying causes of most human diseases, in particular, autoimmune diseases. Given that we are living in a stressful  world, it important to de-stress yourself as much as possible to prevent an autoimmune disease.

This book has an unconventional approach to stress relief: it is not through the conventional relaxation methods, such as meditation or yoga; instead, it applies the groundbreaking Tao philosophy from ancient China. My book not only explains what Tao wisdom is all about, but also contains the complete translation in simple English of all the 81 short chapters of “Tao Te Ching” Going through the whole script, will enable you to understand the essentials of Tao wisdom for stress-free contemporary living to cope with your career, relationship, money, and time management problems.

Stephen Lau 
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Thursday, August 13, 2015

As If Everything Is A Miracle

The cure of myasthenia gravis has to do with your belief that autoimmune diseases are curable and that the miracle of mind power is within you. Use your mind to control your toxic body, but let your mind be supervised by your soul so that you can still live your life as if everything is a miracle, even with your myasthenia gravis.

As If Everything Is A Miracle: This 125-page book is about the wisdom in living as if everything is a miracle, just as Albert Einstein once said: "There are only two ways to live your life. One is to live as if nothing is a miracle. The other is to live as if everything is a miracle."

This 125-page book is about the wisdom to rethink your mind, renew your body, and reconnect your soul to realign your being for total wellness and well-being to live stress-free as if everything is a miracle. In this day and age, living in different phases of life is challenging. For one thing, in this world of technology and information, many of us are addicted to speed, which seems like a prerequisite for success in career and in many others facets of life. As a result, stress is unduly created, which may lead to toxic actions, reactions, thoughts and emotions.

Consciously and subconsciously we have created for ourselves a world in which our bodies, our minds, and souls have become toxic and we live as if nothing is a miracle. To do just the opposite—living as if everything is a miracle—we have to renew the mind, renew the body, and reconnect the soul, and realign the being so that we know who we really are, instead of who we "think" we are.

Believe in yourself: believe that you can be a better, happier, and healthier you. Believe that you can be a centenarian, if you choose to. The only hurdle is stress in contemporary living. Learn how to overcome your stress by letting go your ego-self. No Ego No Stress!

Stephen Lau

  As If Everything Is A Miracle - book cover

Saturday, August 1, 2015

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