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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Live Well to Be Stress-Free

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As If Everything Is A Miracle: This 125-page book is about the wisdom in living as if everything is a miracle, just as Albert Einstein once said: "There are only two ways to live your life. One is to live as if nothing is a miracle. The other is to live as if everything is a miracle."

This 125-page book is about the wisdom to rethink your mind, renew your body, and reconnect your soul to realign your being for total wellness and well-being to live stress-free as if everything is a miracle.

In this day and age, living in different phases of life is challenging. For one thing, in this world of technology and information, many of us are addicted to speed, which seems like a prerequisite for success in career and in many others facets of life. As a result, stress is unduly created, which may lead to toxic actions, reactions, thoughts and emotions. Consciously and subconsciously we have created for ourselves a world in which our bodies, our minds, and souls have become toxic and we live as if nothing is a miracle.

To do just the opposite—living as if everything is a miracle—we have to renew the mind, renew the body, and reconnect the soul, and realign the being so that we know who we really are, instead of who we "think" we are.

Believe in yourself: believe that you can be a better, happier, and healthier you. Believe that you can be a centenarian, if you choose to. The only hurdle is stress in contemporary living. Learn how to overcome your stress by letting go your ego-self. No Ego No Stress!

Stephen Lau
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Friday, October 14, 2016

Letting Go to Heal

Myasthenia gravis is one the many autoimmune diseases, which, according to contemporary Western medicine, offers no known cure, except controlling or suppressing its symptoms.

Albert Einstein once said: "There are two ways to live: you can live as if nothing is a miracle; you can live as if everything is a miracle." Believe in the miracle of self-healing. Healing comes only from within, and not from any external source. Every individual should avail every opportunity to initiate the self-healing process, which is innate in the human body. Just believing in a miracle cure, however, is not enough; you must also empower yourself with knowledge and information to overcome myasthenia gravis through a holistic approach to the wellness of the body, the mind, and the spirit.

To heal your autoimmune disease, you must let go of all pre-conditioned thoughts, such as "there is no cure" and "you must take toxic steroid drugs." Learn also to let go of all negative emotions associated with your disease diagnosis and prognosis.

The Wisdom of Letting Go

To live well, one must ask questions about life; after all, life is about asking questions and finding answers throughout one’s life journey. True human happiness comes from human wisdom to ask the right questions and spiritual wisdom to get answers to the questions asked.

True human wisdom lets you understand that human unhappiness comes from the human ego, which  is composed of different attachments to the physical world, such as careers, emotions, memories, money, and relationships, among others. The human ego is unreal; it is only a distorted reflection of the real self. Attachments are just emotional distractions in the mind from confronting changes in an ever-changing world. Let go of all attachments to see the absolute truths of all things.

The ancient Tao wisdom from China provides a blueprint for nourishing human wisdom: an empty mind with reverse thinking, mindfulness for clarity thinking, living in the present with no expectations of the future, no picking and choosing, accepting and embracing everything that comes in the natural cycle of change—what goes up must always come down.

Human wisdom may not be adequate to help you let go of your attachments in the physical world; you also need spiritual wisdom With the spiritual wisdom from the Bible, you may be able to overcome the reluctance to let go of your attachments. Let go to let God in order to live your life as if everything is a miracle.

Stephen Lau

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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Autoimmunity and Autoimmune Diseases

Your body is equipped with immunity to fight against viruses, bacteria, and parasites—in short, disease. However, this immunity, known as the immune system, may become compromised such that, instead of attacking the unwelcome foreign invaders to the body, it begins to attack your body's own cells and tissues. That is to say, when you develop autoimmunity, your immune system may mistakenly attack your body's own cells instead of protecting them.

Autoimmunity is present in everyone to some extent. The bad news is that autoimmunity can be triggered by many environmental, physical, as well as emotional factors, such that it can cause a broad spectrum of human illnesses, known as autoimmune diseases, which, according to modern medicine, has no cure.

There are more than 100 types of autoimmune diseases, including multiple sclerosis, type 1 diabetes mellitus, rheumatoid arthritis, and myasthenia gravis, among many others.

This concept of autoimmunity as the cause of human illness is relatively new, and it was accepted into the mainstream medicine only about half a century ago. At present, the medical community is still very much at a loss as to how autoimmunity develops in an individual, although there is increasing evidence linking environmental agents to autoimmune diseases. These include infectious agents, such as viruses, pharmaceutical and chemical agents, heavy metals, dietary factors, as well as a number of biological agents, including genetic disposition. However, medical scientists are still unable to pinpoint the exact cause of autoimmune diseases. As a result, many experimental drugs have been developed to treat autoimmunity. Unfortunately,  many of these experimental drugs may be toxic to the body with long-term adverse side effects on the health of the patient.

As you age, your immune system becomes weaker, as evidenced by the high incidence of influenza and pneumonia after age 25, not to mention among the elderly. Therefore, it is important to boost your immunity, which is closely related to your thymus (the commander-in-chief of fighters in your immune system against foreign invaders), with the 10 most important nutritional supplements:

  • Vitamin A to prevent thymus shrinkage (5,000 IU daily dosage)
  • Vitamin B6 to maintain hormone levels and to prevent thymus shrinkage (50 mg daily dosage)
  • Vitamin C to regulate T-cell (white blood thymus cells) function (at least 1,000 mg daily dosage or up to bowel tolerance)
  • Vitamin E to increase infection resistance (400 0800 IU daily dosage)
  • Selenium to increase T-cell activity and antibody production for detoxification (100 mcg daily dosage)
  • Zinc to boost your thymus for maturing T-cells to fight invaders (15 mg daily dosage)
  • Coenzyme CO10 to increase energy production for cells’ activities
  • L-glutathione to regenerate immune cells in the immune system (200 mg daily dosage)
  • Magnesium to increase enzymatic reactions (100 mg daily dosage)
  • DHEA to control cortisol, the stress hormone (5 mg daily dosage) 
Other than diet and nutritional supplements to boost immunity, you must also use internal cleansing to detoxify the whole body as a means to remove all accumulated toxins that may damage body cells and tissues, especially tho immune system.

Stephen Lau
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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Letting Go of Attachments

An autoimmune disease is due to many factors, and one of which is stress.

Stress is your body’s response to increased tension. Stress is normal. You need stress to do many things, such as accepting challenges, concentrating on doing a difficult task, and making important daily and life decisions, among others. Indeed, stress can be even conducive to your health, such as stress from having sex, which increases both your pulse rate and heartbeat, as well as stimulates your brain cells to keep your brain younger and healthier for longer. In many ways, stress can be enjoyable, such as the mental and physical challenge in competitive sports and games.

After the initial stress-induced stimuli, your body should be able to relax, slow down, and return to its original state of balance and equilibrium. If that does not happen, you may become distressed or over-stressed. Too much stress can also increase your production of hormone epinephrine, and thus wearing out your hormonal glands. Dysfunctional hormone production may lead to many health issues: your blood sugar elevation to produce more energy; your breathing rate acceleration to get more oxygen for your lungs; your muscle tension; your pulse rate and blood pressure increase; and your excess sweating to cool down your body, among many other health issues. In that respect, stress can be damaging to your overall health and wellness.

Stress may be one of the underlying causes of autoimmune diseases, including myasthenia gravis.

One of the sources of stress is the human refusal to let go of attachments to the material world. Attachments may come in many different forms, such as careers, relationships, the past, success and failure, as well as happiness and unhappiness, among others.

Attachment is human refusal to let go of anything that seems indispensable. It is no more than a safety blanket to overcome fear—fear of change and of the unknown from that change. To cope with that fear, all attachments become distractions.
Given that stress may adversely affect the symptoms of an autoimmune disease, overcome stress by letting go of all attachments.
The Wisdom of Letting Go

The ancient Tao wisdom from China provides a blueprint for nourishing human wisdom: an empty mind with reverse thinking, mindfulness for clarity thinking, living in the present with no expectations of the future, no picking and choosing, accepting and embracing everything that comes in the natural cycle of change—what goes up must always come down. True human wisdom is the ability to understand that attachments are no more than distractions of the mind from letting go of anything that is impermanent.  

You are a two-in-one person: your ego-self and your spirit. They always co-exist and are in constant struggle with each other. The more attachments you have, the more assertive and dominant your ego-self is over your spirit, which provides spiritual wisdom to help you live in the material world.

The human flaw comes from attachments of the ego-self. To overcome this flaw, human wisdom alone may be inadequate; it requires the complement of spiritual wisdom, which is turning to the Creator with trust and obedience—that is, letting go to let God control the uncontrollable in life.

This 111-page book provides inspiration from ancient Tao wisdom to enhance human wisdom to believe in spiritual wisdom of letting go to live as ifeverything is a miracle.

Stephen Lau
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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

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