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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Conquer Stress to Overcome Muscle Weakness

 Conquer Stress

Stress is one of the causes of many autoimmune diseases, including myasthenia gravis. Conquer stress to overcome many of the symptoms of myasthenia gravis, including muscle weakness.

Some people can conquer stress, while others cannot. Some researchers have attributed this to the psychological and physical makeup. Essentially, those who do not easily succumb to stress demonstrate not only strong commitment to themselves but also staunch belief that change is challenging but unavoidable in life. As a result, they show adaptability and flexibility, which contribute to enhanced physical and mental health. In other words, stress management is all in the mind.

Your brain is the hardware of your whole being. Your brain is responsible for your stress. It is all in your mind. You are what you think, and you become what you think. Therefore, manage your stress through you mind. You control your own thinking, and your brain creates your own world: how you live your life, and how happy you are. And you are responsible for how you feel - even the stresses in life.

This is what happens when stress occurs. You have a thought (usually a negative one) about the stressful event or situation. Your thought sends electrical signals to your brain, which releases chemicals, and you become aware of your own thinking. No matter what you think, your thought is real to you, and must be treated as real. The goal is not to discard that thought or to distract yourself from that thought, but to change your perception of that thought.

To be able to change that thought, you must be aware of your body's reactions to the chemicals released by your brain as that thought occurs. For example, notice how your muscles tense up when you are distressed.

The next step is to talk back to that negative thought. Change your thought, and do not believe it. Learn how to train your mind to change your thought, and accordingly change your feeling about that thought. Reinforce your changed feeling by talking back to that thought which gives you the stress. Always use positive affirmations.

Next time, when you are confronted by a stressful situation, think "STOP!" Take a deep breath. Do some mental reflection, such as asking yourself why you think you are distressed. Acknowledge any feeling of anxiety, and become aware of the subtle changes in your physical body. Talk back to any negative thought responsible for creating the stress. The final step is to take appropriate action. Make a list of possible solutions to the problem. If it requires tackling the problem immediately, take the action at once: procrastination only aggravates the situation. But defer taking action if you are able to deal with it more effectively later on. Relax, such as taking a deep meditation, or doing something enjoyable to calm yourself.

Use your mind to manage your daily stress.

Stephen Lau

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