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Monday, June 11, 2018

Tao Wisdom and Holistic Health for Autoimmune Diseases

What Is Tao Wisdom?
Tao wisdom is the ancient wisdom from China based on the the sage Lao Tzu who was born a few centuries before Christ.
Lao Tzu was the author of the immortal ancient classic "Tao Te Ching" which has become one of the most translated works in world literature. The word "tao" literally means "way" or "pathway", and hence "the Way" referring to Tao wisdom, which is the wisdom of Lao Tzu. It must be pointed out that Lao Tzu was reluctant to write "Tao Te Ching" because he believed that true wisdom must be intuited and therefore could never be expressed in words. But he was told explicitly that he would be permitted to leave China for Tibet until he had finished his book. Very much against his will, he deliberately put down his wisdom in exactly 5,000 words, without any punctuation mark. As a result, his profound wisdom was concise, intriguing, and even controversial.
Tao Wisdom and Holistic Health
Autoimmune diseases involve not just the body, but also the mind -- in fact, the whole body or the personality of the individual afflicted with the autoimmune disease; in other words, holistic health holds the key to coping with the symptoms of autoimmune diseases.
Tao wisdom plays a pivotal role in wisdom in living. For one thing, Tao wisdom enables you to live a stress-free life, which is almost impossible in this day and age. For another, it shows you how to have an empty mind, giving clarity of thinking without any conditioned mindset. The essentials of Tao wisdom provide a blueprint for living a life of balance and harmony, which is the prerequisite of self-healing or recovery from any autoimmune disease.

“Like water, soft and yielding,
Yet it overcomes the hard and the rigid.
Stiffness and stubbornness cause much suffering.
We all intuitively know

that flexibility and tenderness are the way to go.
Yet our conditioned minds

tell us to go the other way.”
(Chapter 78, Tao Te Ching)

Do not have a conditioned mindset that you must take toxic pharmaceutical drugs, including toxic steroids, to treat your autoimmune disease.

Stephen Lau
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